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The division of labor between the Party and government leaders in the School of Civil Engineering

1. Party secretary:Yongmei Luo

The main duties are to preside over the overall work of the Party Committee of the Institute, be responsible for organizing and united front work, ideological and political stability work of the Institute, group work of the Institute, and be responsible for fire safety work.In charge of the party and government office.


2. Vice-President, Party Committee Member, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee:Yong Xiao 

The main duties are to be responsible for personnel, finance and state-owned assets, degree and postgraduate training, postgraduate enrollment, the cooperation of production, teaching and research, and to be responsible for discipline inspection.In charge of postgraduate training office and road laboratory. Contact with the Department of Roads, Department of Safety, National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Traffic Civil Engineering Materials, Chongqing Jiaotong University Construction Engineering Quality Testing Center Co., ltd.


3. deputy Party secretary: Pan Jiang

The main duties are to be responsible for the publicity and network security of the college, undergraduate enrollment, undergraduate and postgraduate education management and employment, and to be responsible for the development of students' scientific and technological activities.In charge of the student affairs office and the Communist Youth League Committee.

4. Vice-President, Party committee member:Guowen Yao

The main duties are to be responsible for scientific and technological work, discipline construction, national key laboratory, international cooperation and exchange, and construction of scientific and technological platforms.In charge of scientific research and cooperative exchange office, postdoctoral mobile station, structure laboratory and tunnel laboratory. Contact with the Department of Bridges, Department of Structures, Department of Tunnels, State Key Laboratory of Mountain Bridges and Tunnels.


5. Vice-President, Party committee member:Zengwei Guo

The main duties are to be responsible for undergraduate teaching, construction and operation management of teaching laboratories, teaching research, collaborative innovation platform and Smart City College.In charge of undergraduate teaching management office, smart city college office, mechanics laboratory and measurement laboratory. Contact with the Department of Mechanics, Department of Surveying, Collaborative Innovation Platform for the Long-term Performance and Safety of Mountain Bridges and Tunnels and the Transport Industry.‍

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